full use of outdoor areas all summer long
  • The refreshing feel of mist on a hot summer day


High pressure mist cooling is one of the most effective, and efficient, methods available for cooling open outdoor areas. Masterkool® high-pressure misting systems uses quiet high-pressure misting pumps, the finest quality misting components and quality filtration systems to ensure long-lasting usage. With a misting system, temperatures can be reduced by up to 12˚C. Misting technology enables full use of outdoor areas all summer long!

Masterkool® Spain offers a large variety of different configurations and styles of misting systems for any application, providing the ultimate cooling experience and creating completely comfortable outdoor atmospheres with quality products, detailed services and unique solutions.

How It Works?

Misting systems incorporate a spray nozzle along with a high-pressure pump system designed to produce water droplets smaller than 10 micron (about 1/10th the diameter of a human hair). When water droplets this small hit the surrounding warm air they "flash evaporate", taking the energy in the form of heat out of the air to convert from liquid to gas reducing the surrounding temperature between 6 and 12˚C depending on initial ambient temperatures and relative humidity.



Masterkool® Spain provides a complete line of parts and accessories for your misting system - from nozzles to pumps and filters, and everything in between. We stock most items for your convenience.

Masterkool High Pressure Pump


Masterkool® Spain offers a variety of misting pumps designed from residential light-duty to commercial and industrial continuous duty pumps.
Masterkool Filtration System


Quality filtration systems ensure long-lasting usage.
Masterkool high quality nozzles


High-pressure misting nozzles are engineered to deliver water particles perfectly sized for evaporation producing a dry fog that evaporates and does not wet the surrounding area.
Masterkool Racorería


Masterkool® Spain offers the finest quality misting components available on the market today for cooling systems. Misting lines are available in heavy duty nylon and stainless steel.



Misting Line

Masterkool® Spain offers a large variety of different configurations and styles of Misting Lines for any application. We will custom design, build and install the misting system to solve any individual heat problem.

Misting Fog

High-pressure misting is also known as fog. A fog effect is simply the result of water that is atomized into droplets so fine that they float through the air in suspension. Creative lighting techniques can be added for an even more dramatic look and feel. Fog effects are used to enhance water features, pools, fountains, and landscapes.
Masterkool Misting Lines

Misting Umbrella

A misted umbrella solves the problem of how to get the mist to given areas on an open patio - and looks great too. Use of flexible lines allows for opening and closing of the umbrella without affecting the misting system.
Masterkool® Spain offers you both options of purchasing high-end umbrella Bahama® with integrated misting system or install our misting system into your own umbrella.
Masterkool Misting Umbrella



We offer only top quality misting systems that are built to last. Our misting pumps are commercial quality, made in Europe. Misting nozzles are the highest quality available. Brass or stainless steel misting nozzles will allow you a micro-fine misting droplet of 5 microns. Misting lines are available in heavy duty nylon and stainless steel.

All the components of Our Misting Systems are MADE IN EUROPE.

Types of Misting Systems

There are basically three types of misting systems, high-pressure misting systems, mid pressure misting systems and low pressure misting systems. The difference between these misting systems is the amount of pressure being forced through the nozzle. The higher the pressure the smaller the droplets and the faster the evaporation. A high pressure misting system when used and installed correctly, results in a process called flash evaporation that cools without wetness.

Many companies sell low or mid pressure misting systems. While these systems are very inexpensive, they also lack the key element. Without high pressure, the water cannot be atomized to suitably small droplets. Only high-pressure misting system ensures the driest and most effective cooling possible!

Masterkool® Spain offers just finest quality high-pressure misting systems.


Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right misting system including wind direction, height of the misting systems, amount of humidity, time of day the misting system will be used along with cost and customer's cooling preferences.
Masterkool® Spain team can help you choose the highest quality misting sytem to solve your individual heat problem and provide maximum outdoor cooling and comfort. Just  ask one of our experts.




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Misting systems typically require a minimal amount of maintenance:
— Annual cleaning and oil changes;
— Filter changes depends upon the water quality being introduced into the misting pump. Regardless of water conditions, filter cartridges should be changed a minimum of once per year or cooling season.
If potential freezing conditions may exist where the system is located, the system (pump, misting lines, and filter cartridges should be drained to reduce the potential risk of damages to the equipment.



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