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    Warmth, Light and Mood executed in ways you´ve never imagined...
  • Change the way you entertain - winter, spring, summer and fall
  • Al fresco dinners in November
    Chill lighting on a hot August night
    Entertaining Redefined
  • With your Kindle Heater™, entertaining outdoors will never look the same!


Kindle Living™ offers a solution that transforms the way we look at gas patio heaters. The patio heater is cleverly camouflaged beneath the Kindle Heater´s™ attractive covers, maintaining their full heating capabilities, permanently trading their industrial, appliance derived appearance for a sculptural profile sure to enchance your surroundings.

The Kindle Heater's™ glow makes such a strong first impression - modern, playful, irreverent - you almost need to ask twice: That´s a space heater? Yes, it is.

The Kindle Heater™ is an outdoor gas heater that actually looks good. It´s lifestyle by way of mood, atmosphere, function and style. Kindle Living™ products have been internationally recognized with awards for both innovation and design and have kept things sizzling from red carpets and possh hotel pools to high-rise decks and backyard patios.

Aside from its obvious sculptural appeal, the design of the Kindle Heater™ results in a more effective heating canopy. Instead of the heat disspating as it rises, the shade directs it downward, using in a chimney-like effect, enveloping the user in consistent warmth that is softer, more pleasant, than with a stand-alone unit. The marriage of function and design culminate in a product with potential for groundbreaking transformation.

Kindle Living Heater

Kindle Living™ heaters set the tone for a modern redo of an outdated standard. Classical lines and proportions are taken to a whole new scale. Innovative, stylish and with plenty of heat, staying warm has never looked this good.

Available in White Alabaster and Black Onyx.


Kindle Heater Powered by Sunglo
For uncompromised performance in the most rigorous of commercial applications, this Kindle Heater™ is powered by a USA made, CSA Certified, Infrared Dynamics Sunglo™ A270 gas heater.

For over 30 years Sunglo™ outdoor patio heaters have offered the quality and features customers have come to expect. Sunglo™ heaters work like the sun by utilizing radiant heat to warm people and objects without heating the surrounding air.

Part of the secret of the Sunglo™ patio heater success is not only the amount of the heat it produces, but how the heat is distributed. The deep dish reflector broadcasts the radiant heat over a large area so everyone can enjoy it.

The Sunglo™ A270 portable propane heater is ideal for open patio designs. When used with a standard 11 kg propane cylinder, the heater can be operated continuously for approximately 16 hours. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on the patio.

The Sunglo™ A270 gas heater utilizes a manually operated control system requiring no electrical power. The battery operated direct spark pilot ignition system makes lighting the pilot easy and convenient. The Sunglo™ A270 heater offers a large aluminum disk reflector for maximum comfort, a primary aerated burner for minimal noise, and 100% safety shutoff.


White Light

Suggestive of candlelight, white LED lights glow from within to create an atmosphere that's soft, warm and wondrously moody. The rechargeable battery-powered feature works independently of the heating element, so the Kindle Heater™ can get its glow on all year long.
Kindle Heater White Light

Coloured Lights

The perfect atmosphere enchancer. LED lights glow in seven different colours, each one more brilliant than the next. The lights can be programed to cycle through the entire rainbow or paused on the favourite. The rechargeable battery-powered feature works independently of the heating element, so even on those hot summer nights your Kindle Heater™ will shine. The kit includes a remote that controls colour, cycle speed and brightness.
Kindle Heater Coloured Lights

Coctail Table

This add-on will keep guests happily gathered around your Kindle Heater™ well past midnight. It fits easily over the neck and is made from high-pressure laminate and marine grade plywood for durability. At 21" in diameter, it is the perfect size to hold a glass of sangria and a muy rico plate of tapas. Choose from black or white.
Kindle Heater Coctail Table

Accent Rings

Colourful trim rings are a way to add some decorative pop to an existing design scheme or lend a helping hand in creating a particular mood or theme.
Kindle Heater Accent Rings

Smooth Shade

A perfect marriage of function and form, smooth shade looks simple and minimalistic.
Kindle Heater Smooth Shade

Upholstered Shade

A custom Kindle Heater™? The smooth shade can be upholstered to coordinate with the custom pattern in a seemingly endless array of fabrics. Contact us for selection.
Kindle Heater Upholstered Shade


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German Design Council Award    Good Design Award    International Forum Design Award    Spark Award


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