handmade terracotta planters


Classic and modern at the same time, contemporary without being fiercely trendy. Each pot is unique and tells a different story. A story made of inspiration and transpiration. The starting point is always creative inspiration which leads to genuine, frankly contemporary designed pots. Well developed and perfected traditional skills and special production techniques that allows to realize the forms that creativity has imagined. Arts and crafts at its best.

The Collection of Oversized Planters

For this collection, there were some some technical as well as esthetical difficulties to overcome. The technical challenge consists in the control of the mass of clay during the construction, drying and firing process; the esthetical challenge lays in the proportions to be checked and to be redefined for each type of planter. To build such a huge up to 2,20 metres planter, between 400 and 800 kilograms of clay requires special skills, production techniques and time (only the final firing process takes 3 days).


Besides motivated craftsmen and in-house designers, clay is the most important element in making these planters. Result of the symbiosis between German and English raw materials, colored in the mass with natural oxides, constantly adjusted in collaboration with professional laboratories, the daily used clay gives the natural appearance and colors highly appreciated by interior designers and landscape architects around the globe, in search of contemporary designs.

The Collection of Handmade Terracotta Planters

Macetas de terracotta | Colección 2014

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Private Terraces

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Public Places & Offices

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