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Fesfoc® presents a collection of designer barbecues, emerged from interpreting space in an environment beyond time, to open new frontiers in functionality and personalisation in outdoor cooking.

The Fesfoc® design is a harmonic fusion of different noble materials of the nature. The wide collection of barbecues offers a perfect barbecue for any terrace or patio. They also give an absolutely avant-garde air to any garden.

Fesfoc® barbecues break away from the stereotypes of conventional barbecues.


Fesfoc® has developed two ranges of barbecues: charcoal and gas, to offer a perfect barbecue solution to satisfy different needs and tastes.

The ignition system developed and patented by Fesfoc® has been designed to facilitate the lighting of the barbecue. This system allows obtaining the best calorific performance of the charcoal.


The Fesfoc® barbecues consist of the following components:

The chassis is the visible external element of the barbecue and is built in satin-finish stainless steel. Some other models incorporate a towel rail, including three pieces of solid stainless steel in gleaming polished finish.

The grill constitutes the key element in the design of the barbecues. Its outline integrates harmonically in the whole to confer the barbecue a unique style. It is a solid molten iron sheet resistant to oxidation, high temperatures and open air. It is pragmatic yet graceful.

Granite working top. To those who seek out a bigger working surface, Fesfoc® stove tops built in gleaming polished granite can be added to the barbecue, generating a unique symbiosis. According to our philosophy, the stove top stands are built in satin-finish bold stainless steel. Fesfoc stove tops impress through elegance and timelessness.


• The versatile and rectangular panel avoids spots on the wall due to splashing and smoke. This component represents the fusion of the vertical and the horizontal elements.

• Using the newest technologies, Fesfoc® has created a piece of furniture, Vulcano, in which beauty and balance combine with the finest natural materials to achieve the best quality in all its aspects. We pay the greatest attention to its fabrication with high precision machines. Its main material is marine board. Its wengue finish is ideal for any environment. Vulcano’s handle, nuts and bolts are built in stainless steel. The furniture is fitted with a glass shelf, and incorporates a silent and soft closing system.

• A "Paellero", an accessory to cook your own world-wide famous Spanish Paella.

• A grill cover to protect the grill from bad weather conditions or when not in use. It's design perfectly integrates with the style and shape of the barbecue making it a luxurious accessory for any garden or terrace.


Fesfoc® barbecues are mainly built in stainless steel with last generation technology and are suitable for any environment.

In the catalogue you can find all the models of the Fesfoc® barbecue collection to choose the one that fits the best your outdoor cooking space.



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The elegence, technology and functionality of the Fesfoc® barbecues are also available for a custom made projects to create an outdoor cooking space you've always dreamed about. Charcoal or gas powered, with any accessories and in any size you wish. Tell us your drem and we will make it a reality.


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