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A full range of premium free-standing portable Infra-Red patio heaters. Along with being eco friendly theese heaters are the ultimate in design, heat output and will significantly reduce running costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

It's stunning, stylish contemporary design is ideal for indoor & outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies, pubs, clubs, restaurants and terraces, enabling you and your guests to enjoy the tranquillity of being outside at any given time of the year.

Carbon Fibre Heating Technology

Warmwatcher® uses electric carbon fibre short wave technology, as it produces radiant heat like the sun (without harmful UV). This effectively warms people and not the air in between, producing the only form of heat that will not blow away. Patented carbon fibre heating tubes significantly reduce running costs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions. The chrome grille protects the elements and does not get dangerously hot to the touch.


All you need to do with this heater is plug it in! Then behold a stylish, safe and totally superior product that will soon become a much loved thing in your patio.



Warmwatcherr® offers a great range of contemporary compact slimline design patio heaters.

Chillchaser Hercules


Chillchaser Titan


HELIOS: stunning contemporary slimline design - ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.

DIANA: features a 360° light.



Carbon Fibre Heating

Carbon Fibre Heating

Instant heating with two heat settings: 1500W or 3000W.
Under real conditions, even outdoors, you will feel the heat in under 30 seconds - 2 meters away. This especially beneficial for smoking areas where the economy setting should be used to save energy and lower carbon emissions.

Uses a standard 220-240V 50Hz AC electric supply.
The elements are replaceable & designed to last 10.000 hours.
CFL LOw Energy Lamp

CFL Low Energy Lamp

Diana features a 360 ° light dome with 25W of low energy light equivalent to 150W of incandescent light.

Dianar's ambient lighting removes the need for high powered halogen floodlights in your patio area.

PIR Infrared Sensor

The PIR economy feature enables Warmwatcher® patio heaters to automatically switch on and off depending on activity near the unit. When enabled, the PIR sensor constantly monitors peoples' movements up to a distance of 4 meters and if after 4 minutes it does not detect movement it will switch off. This economy function optimises energy usage and minimises CO2 emissions making Warmwatcher® the most efficient and eco-friendly heaters.
Roller Base

Easy Mobility

Built in roller and pull handle facilitate easy mobility around patio areas.

Easy to move into the desired area or position!

Warmwatchers ® also feature a lockable storage compertment for tidy cable management.
Remote Control

Full Function Remote

The magnetic remote enables to simply attach it to the body of the heater so that you don't lose it.

For an easy Life!

Masterlock™ Safety

Masterlock™ enables the user to lock the control panel on the heater to prevent unauthorized use or tampering by children or clientele.

Powder Coat Finish

Warmwatchers ® come with a heavy-duty, all weather powder coat finish.

Safety Tip-Over feature

Should the heater be accidentally knocked over it will automatically shut down and will not operate until it is restored to it's upright position and reset.

Slim Aerodynamic consruction - Doesn't Blow Over!

The ultra slimline Elliptical design is manufactured to withstand strong gusts of wind. It has a 15kg Heavy Weight base of 46cm diameter which will not only pass the CE safety standard 15° Tilt Test but will even self-right from 25 degree.
It can even be bolted to the ground if required as a permanent feature (appropriate electrical wiring must be used, e.g. armoured cable).

Extruded Aluminium Construction - Never Rusts!

The ultra slimline design is manufactured from 3.5mm extruded Aluminium which is coated in a heavy duty weather resistant paint (UV Protected for outdoor use). All other parts are either aluminium or stainless steel to further enchance the longevity and weather beating properties of the unit. For long periods of inactivity we recommend using the weatherproof cover (which is included in the box) and storing in a secure dry location.

Low Running Costs

In full maximum heat operation Warmwatcher® units draw up to 3kW of power per hour. In Spain average electricity costs are approximately x.xx€ kW/hour - giving the unit an approximate running cost of 0.xx€ per hour when in full operation (both heating tubes plus light). However, when using the PIR economy button this is further reduced hence reducing the energy costs even further.

Silent Running

Enjoy peace, tranquility and warmth with Warmwatcher® Heaters!

Weather-proofed - IPX5

These units have patented weather proof fittings that have enabled the award of IPX5 rating, which means that it is produced to be left outside and will not be affected by weather conditions, specifically water ingress. The heating tubes are installed in such a manner that they can take direct exposure to water, beer or even flammable liquids like whisky or vodka!

Additional Safety features

Besides the PIR, Masterlock™ and tip-over safety features, Warmwatcher® Heaters have a corrosion resistant Protective Zinconium grille for safety, which whilst it does get warm in operation, will not scald or burn on contact, due to the way in which the carbon fibre tubes produce their effective heat output.
Warmwatcher ® Heaters are also fitted with an Auto-Reset Thermal Fuse which shuts down the unit in an overheat situation.



Custom Chillchaser


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Stunning contemporary slimline design which stands 159cm tall (Helios) and 177cm tall (Diana) - ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies and garages.
Robust all aluminium design - never rusts!
Uses a standard 220-240V electric supply.
Weatherproof outdoor socket or PowerSpike IP55 extension lead.
IPX5 weatherproof design - zipped cover is supplied for additional weatherproof protection.

Uses latest carbon fibre heating technology.
Instant heat with two heat settings - 1500W or 3000W - the elements are easily replaceable & designed to last 10.000 hours.
Effective heating area of up to 4 meters at 110 degree angle.
No harmful fumes.
Safety tip-over & Auto reset thermal cut-off devices.

Switchable PIR (Passive Infrared) economy feature - enables patio heater to automatically switch itself on and off depending on peoples proximity to the unit.
Substantial base with roller and grab handle for easy mobility.
Includes remote control that fits perfectly to the rare side of the unit.
The chrome grille protects the elements and does not get dangerously hot to the touch.
Powder coated finish for long lasting protection.
Weight - 32kg.
Power Consumption - 3kW.
Element type - Patented 30K Carbon Fibre element in special glass tube.
Waranty - 3 years.


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